Saturday, March 10, 2012


Not too long ago I saw a political cartoon that caused me to chuckle. The cartoon depicted a huge ocean liner dubbed the U.S.S Government. In front of the ship was a decrepit raft, with a sole, frail occupant. In the middle of the raft was a small flag pole with a flag that read "tax payer." A man on the ship was yelling to the individual on the raft, "We broke down, can you give us a hand," all the

while getting ready to throw him a tow rope. Downsizing government has recently become a debated issue. Believe it or not, this was also an issue with Joseph Smith during the 1844 presidential election. Joseph believed government was too large and as part of his political agenda was preaching downsizing. He also believed that slave holders should free their slaves and as an incentive the government would pay the slave owner to release their slaves. Where was Joseph going to raise the money to free the slaves?

A) Campaign large business for donations
B) Sell the State of Maine to Canada
C) Increase taxes
D) Cut the number of politicians and slash the ridiculous wages of those remaining

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Yesterday's answer
A) As mentioned, we know of two polls or "elections"
Joseph Smith: 65 gentlemen and 6 ladies
Henry Clay 27 gentlemen and 3 ladies
Martin Van Buren: 12 gentlemen and 0 ladies

Smith: 20 gents and 5 ladies
Clay: 16 gents and 4 ladies
Van Buren: 7 gents and 0 ladies

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