Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Mired Miracle

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I’ve been stuck before and not just a little bit. It just comes with being a guy. I guess the guy aspect mixed with the added dimension of the forest service made me real stuck. We had mounted on our forest service 4x4’s 16,000 pound winches. I’ve learned something about 4x4’s and winches, they just make you more brave and hence, more stuck!  I guess four wheel drives have always been around, in the form of horses or oxen. Winches, however took more the form of block and tackle. Jonathan Crosby relates an interesting experience of bogging down.

Jonathan Crosby relates in his autobiography how his wagon was so stuck in the mud that nothing could get it out. To his amazement though, something came down the trail that helped to dislodge his wagon, what was it?

A)                 Curious Natives who wanted to lend a helping hand

B)                 The three Nephites

C)                 An unattended yoke of oxen

D)                 John Deere

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) He placed his cut hardboiled egg on tooth picks.

The following is a conversation between Brigham Young and Henry Grow, the builder of the tabernacle.

   “Henry, I am desirous of constructing a building for our people. . . and I have been wondering what plan we should use, for I have built many buildings and no two alike, and I am anxious that this should be different to anything else. . . Henry, I had an egg for breakfast this morning, cooked hard, and in lieu of chopping it through the center, I cut in through it end-wise and set it on tooth-picks. I was strongly impressed that we might use this plan for the building.”

Clarissa Young Spencer, with Mabel Harmer, Brigham Young at Home (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1961), 271-272.

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