Thursday, May 24, 2012

Professor for Hire

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The restored version of the Brigham Young Academy-Currently serving as the Provo City Library

What year was the first non-LDS faculty member hired at the Brigham Young Academy?

A)                 1894

B)                 1903

C)                 1924

D)                 1897

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) An unattended yoke of oxen

“During our first day's travel we came to a bad slue crossing in the road, and we got stuck fast so that we were compelled to unload in order to get out, but even then our team was not able to pull the empty wagon out. But just then, a large, fine yoke of oxen came along the road behind us overtaking us, unattended by any person, and which we considered very providential aid. So I hitched them on the wagon with my own team, and pulled out easily. I then turned the strange oxen loose again, loaded in the things we had taken out, and traveled on. We looked upon that aid and help as being directly from our Heavenly Father. After that, we got stuck in bad places several times, and had to unload in order to pull out but only a few days passed, and Brother Ezra Clark with a small company overtook us, and then we had no more trouble. When we came to bad places, we were in duty bound to help each other.”

Autobiography of Jonathan Crosby, typescript, Utah State Historical Society. Holograph is also located in the Utah State Historical Society;

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