Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- Buildings and Places

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Site of Far West Cemetery
1.      Just how large was Far West, Missouri at the time the Saints settled the area?

A)     510 homes

B)     150 homes

C)     47 homes

D)     207 homes

2.      After the Saints were forced from Adam-ondi-Ahman, what was the name of the town changed to?

A)     Far Far West

B)     Kansas City

C)     Cravensville

D)     West Far West

3.      Did the Relief Society meet in the Relief Society rooms in the chapel during early Utah history or their own separate buildings?

A)     In the chapel

B)     In their separate buildings

4.      True or False, When the Saints first settled in Missouri, they settled in Jackson County?

5.      Pioneer Sally Randall’s parlor doubled as what while living in Nauvoo?

A)     Painting shop for wagon parts

B)     The Church book store

C)     The Church’s distribution center

D)     The tithing office

Yesterday’s answer:

(D) Murdered by the Missouri mob

The following from the autobiography of Mosiah Hancock relating the murder and carnage at the hands of the mob:

I can hold it no longer-----and I tell the truth when I say.....I saw a thing in the shape of a man grab an infant from its mother's arms and bash it's brains out against a tree! Two men got hold of me and had it their own way for awhile; but before they commenced, they told me I could pray. I rehearsed a part of a piece spoken by a young Indian, ‘the sun sets at night and the stars shun the day; but glory remains when twilight fades away. Begin ye tormentors, your threats are in vain; for the son of Alnasmak will never complain.’ They showed me no mercy! . . I could look upon my body, and I was far above them and was glad; for behold, I saw a personage draped in perfect white who said to me, ‘Mosiah, you have got to go back to the earth, for you have a work to do!’ How I ever came back I can never say!

Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, Typescript, BYU-S;

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