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A Bible House Stay

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While touring the European Mission in 1862, President Cannon and Jesse N. Smith stay at the Bible House in Amsterdam, Holland. Why was it named the Bible House?

A)                 The bible was read from this hotel every morning and evening in a devotional-type format

B)                 The Book of Mormon House was too long of a name

C)                 A marketing scheme to attract only the religious

D)                 The bible was printed there in 1542

Yesterday’s answer:

 B.   The Whig Party
During the Nauvoo years of the Church, the Whig Party was instrumental in forming the Anti-Mormon Party mostly due to the fact that the Saints supported the Democratic Party.

The Road to Carthage Leads West, Kenneth W. Godfrey, BYU Studies, Winter 68, p. 210-211.

If anyone wonders why the Saints preferred the Democratic Party, the following may be of interest:

   “At a meeting of the Democratic Association, held on Saturday evening the 23rd ultimo, Mr. Lindsay introduced a resolution setting forth, that the people called ‘The Latter-day Saints,’ were many of them in a situation requiring the aid of the citizens of Quincy, and recommending that measures be adopted for their relief; which resolution was adopted, and a committee consisting of eight persons appointed by the chair--of which committee J. W. Whitney was chairman. The association then adjourned to meet on Wednesday evening then next, after instructing the committee to procure the Congregational meeting-house as a place of meeting, and to invite as many of the people to attend the meeting as should choose to do so, in whose behalf the meeting was to be held, and also all others, citizens of the town. The committee not being able to obtain the meeting-house, procured the court house for that purpose.”

 I fail to read where it was the Whig Party that helped the destitute Saints after the Missouri fiasco.

“Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormon’s or Latter-day Saints, From the State of Missouri, Under the ‘Exterminating Order,’” John P. Greene (Cincinnati: R.P. Brooks, 1839).

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