Monday, June 18, 2012

A Mummified Embellishment

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In July of 1835 Joseph Smith purchased Egyptian mummies from Michael Chandler. A St. Louis newspaper foolishly reported that two of the mummies that Joseph Smith purchased were the bodies of whom?

A)                 Miriam and Aaron

B)                 Caleb and Joshua

C)                 Abraham and Joseph

D)                 Pharaoh and Moses

   Typically I would give the answer to yesterday’s question, however, as you know, there was no question yesterday, just a great story. That’s the beauty of having my own blog; I can set my own rules. Trust me; this is the only place in my life where I enjoy this kind of control. Rules have already been established for my conduct in the work place, by my boss, and at home, by my wife. I’ve learned if I want a hassle free life, then I better follow the program.

   Since there isn’t an answer to give today, I’d like to dispel a concern. From time to time I have individuals ask me how much time I spend in a week on my blog. I sense by how this question is posed to me that those asking may feel my entire evening may be devoted to this cause. I understand their concern. There’s only so much free time in anyone’s life and it seems bizarre that anyone would devote all free time to one pursuit or interest. You can put your mind to rest knowing that I spend no more than two hours a week on this blog. The research to these questions and stories took place a number of years ago. I spent eight years researching my first book and compiled well over a thousand of these fascinating stories and historical teasers. This research has spilled over into my second book and is a large part of my new book that will soon release in November of this year. I can thank my wife for the fact that I spend so little time on this blog. She is the web master of not only her own blog, but also, mine. It was my dear wife and generous son-in-law who developed this blog. Each Sunday I provide my wife with the upcoming weeks stories and answers. Kate, my wife (Or as I affectionately like to call her, Smokin Kissin Kate, but that’s another story for some other time) makes certain a picture accompanies each story, formats, and sets the time and day for each story to post automatically at 6am on each day of the week. So, bottom line, if you’ve enjoyed this blog, thank my good wife and son-in-law. I’m the reason companies have IT departments. Trust me; I’m not brightest crayon in the box when it comes to computers.

   Finally, I’m well aware of the addicting nature and the danger of gospel hobbies. I’ve been there and done it and have since repented. As much as I enjoy LDS history and journals, I equally enjoy the temple (With a soon to be 16 temples in Utah, I better be attending) and scriptures. Before I read anything else, I will have read my scriptures.  In fact, you may in the future (most likely five to six years from now) be able to purchase, in pamphlet or booklet form, a study I’ve immersed myself in for the past three years, and will continue for a number of more years, based solely from the scriptures.

   I want to round out Monday with a sincere thank you to all who have followed this blog. Of course many of the visitors have come from the United States, but there are many from other countries around the world (over thirty countries and counting). The United States, Canada, Russia, India,  and the United Kingdom round out the top five, with other visitors from the far reaches of South Africa, Chile, Sweden, Australia, Turkey, South Vietnam, and China.

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