Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- Church and Government

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1. Which State's governor welcomed the Saints with open arms during the 1870's?
a. Alaska
b. New Mexico
c. Arizona
d. North Dakota

2. After Missouri's expulsion of the Saints, which state, other than Illinois, wanted the Saints to come and settle in their state?
a. Iowa
b. Arkansas
c. Oklahoma
d. Utah

3. True or False, Brigham Young served jail time while the prophet of the Church.

4. How did U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant take the news of Judge McKean's treatment of Brigham Young?
a. Reprimanded the Judge
b. Promoted Judge McKean
c. Was indifferent to the news
d. He dismissed Judge McKean

5. What did the Federal court do during the 1870's to incite the Mormons?
a. Not try their cases
b. Try the cases on Sunday
c. If a Mormon lost their case, the charge was doubled
d. They refused to start the court with prayer

6. Edward Partridge and W. W. Phelps sued the state of Missouri for $50,000 each for damages. W. W. Phelps received $750. What was Edward Partridge awarded?
a. $50,000
b. Nothing
c. 1 cent
d. $750

7. At the time the Saints were being exiled from Missouri, what other group of people were being exiled from their home state?
a. The Cherokees (the Trail of Tears)
b. The Quakers
c. The Mexicans
d. The Puritans

Yesterday’s answer:
D) 3

The three African Americans that entered the Salt Lake Valley with the first group of Saints in July of  1847 were Oscar Crosby, Hark Lay, and Green Flake.

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