Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You better hold on to it or Joseph will get it

Jacob Hamblin

Just prior to meeting the Prophet for the first time in Nauvoo, Jacob Hamblin was told to hang onto what or Joseph Smith would get it?

A)     His money

B)      His hat

C)      His time

D)     His horse

Yesterday’s answer:

(B)   Chairs

My friend told me these were the original chairs that were first placed in the endowment rooms of the Salt Lake Temple at the time of the temple dedication. He stated that the chairs had iron sides, but the seats of the chairs were wood that folded up. He noticed, during the tour, that some of the chairs were wider than others. He asked the tour guide why all the chairs were not the standard width, but rather there were two different sizes. It was explained that women wore the big dresses that poofed out. These wider chairs were for the women to accommodate the dress style at the time.

My friend also noted that as he exited the top of the spiral staircase that led to the balcony that he had to descend three or four stairs to access the seats on the balcony. It didn’t make sense why, when he exited the spiral staircase that the top stair would be at the same level as the first row of chairs. The tour guide explained to him that when the balcony was constructed, the contractor realized, due to the size of the chandeliers, that those sitting on the back balcony could not see the pulpit. The contractor explained the problem to Brigham Young and asked him if he had a solution. The chandeliers were already installed and couldn’t be raised any higher because of their size. Brigham gave it some thought for a few days then met with the contractor again. He said to get two hundred men under the back balcony, unattach the balcony from the back wall and then lowered the balcony to the desired position and then tie the balcony back into place. If only President Young had access to scissor lifts.

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