Friday, July 6, 2012

An Apostolic Resignation

Which General Authority resigned from the Quorum of the Twelve and later his son would be called to be a General Authority?

A)     Matthias F. Cowley

B)     Francis M. Lyman

C)     John Taylor

D)     Abraham H. Cannon

   Whenever I fail to ask a question the previous day, but rather share a great story from the journal of one of the courageous pioneers, I still feel the need to leave you with something.

   Great promises were given to this country and to the people who reside here. America is a great land, and yet there are those who “bad mouth” or find fault with this nation. I struggle with this. Yes, the United States, like any country, is not perfect. Being American myself, and having lived outside of the United States at various times in my life, I have witnessed those blemishes. But you know what? All countries experience much of the same imperfections. It doesn't matter where you are, there is always that brand of person that find it necessary to brag loud and long about their country and its achievements. 

   I’ve been reminded that America is slipping in many areas such as education to yes, even infant mortality. But for those who speak before they think, mull the following over in your minds. If America didn’t have to spend billions on a military budget to protect its interests and maintain the freedoms of others, and if America wasn’t so generous with its money and resources donated or loaned to other nations to infuse these countries economys and militarys, I'm sure we would be far better off. If this money was injected into Americas own social programs, then I can promise you those statistics would look much brighter for this nation. But, this isn't America. As long as there is help to give, this nation will be there willing to give of its resources. And that's what makes America great, in spite of it's shortcomings!

On the same week that America was born, Happy Birthday, America!!! 

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