Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Government Owes It To You!

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Thomas Kane

What did non-member and political friend, Colonel Thomas Kane say the government should give the Church?

A)                 All of the money due to the Church from their losses in Missouri

B)                 Statehood

C)                 All of the land west of the Rocky Mountains

D)                 The California gold fields

Yesterday’s answer:

(A) Palestine 11 times

Listed are the dates and who gave the dedicatory prayer:

Orson Hyde (Apostle) 10/24/1841

Albert Carrington (president of the European Mission) 3/2/1873

Lorenzo Snow (Apostle) 3/2/1873

George A. Smith (First Counselor to Brigham Young) 3/2/1873

Anthon Lund (Apostle)/ Ferdinand Hintze (Turkish Mission President) 5/8/1898

Francis Lyman (Apostle) 3/2/1902, 3/ 4/1902, 3/16/1902

James Talmage (Apostle) 10/18/1927

John Widtsoe (Apostle) 5/21/1933, 5/31/1933
Blair G. Van Dyke and LaMar C. Berrett, “In the Footsteps of Orson Hyde,” BYU Studies, 47, no. 1 (2008), 62

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