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He Installed What in His Home?

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I once heard our gospel doctrine teacher in our ward refer to herself as a techno peasant. She was kind enough to clarify and after clearing the air I realized I was in the same boat with her. Basically, it is someone that has all the electronic gizmos and gadgets of today, but really is clueless on how they work. I appreciate the computer and enjoy it, but do I know what to do when I hit the wrong key? Hence the techno peasant thing. Our youngest son has been getting me out of trouble since his days in elementary school. Trust me, I’m the reason companies have IT departments and I can promise you I’m not on the Christmas card list of our IT department at my work.

There are those who thrive with technology. Brigham Young was one such individual. It has often been said of him that if the sewing machine or the computer was available in his era, he would have been the first in Salt Lake City to own such gadgets. In fact, he may have been the first to have what installed in his home?

A)     A gymnasium

B)     Utah’s first underground sprinkler system

C)     Utah’s first door bell

D)     Salt Lake City’s first phone

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Drank water

The following is from the journal of Martha Maria Meacham Burton.

     They were happy in their first little cabin home in North Ogden, but when their first child was born, Mother nearly lost her life. She had what was then called childbed fever. She begged for water, but could have none. The prognosis was certain death if she did. She made some pretence when a girl came by carrying a bucket of water from a well near the door. She grabbed the bucket, and pulling it to her, she drank and drank. The girl was terrified and so was her nurse mother, but the terrible fever went down and she started to improve.

Chronicles of Courage, Daughters of Utah Pioneers (Salt Lake City; Utah Printing Company, 1990), 1:63.

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