Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Rid the World of Mormonism-One Apostate’s Perspective

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John Cook Bennett

Apostates have been a very real part of the Church from its beginnings, to yes, even today. One such early apostate, John Corrill, stated that Moromonism would die if the world did what?

A)     Merely do nothing, just leave the LDS Church alone

B)     Kill Joseph Smith

C)     Burn all the Books of Mormon in the world

D)     Don’t give passage on ships to LDS missionaries

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)   A ceiling medallion

As the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Temple neared completion, a last-minute decision was made to add three ceiling medallions to the interior. When the medallions arrived, workers noticed that the one intended for the celestial room was damaged. The project manager immediately began searching for a replacement, only to find that the original supplier, and all other dealers, were out of stock. Even the manufacturer was unable to provide another one.

   Finally, with the help of the Internet, the project manager located a dealer in Atlanta, Georgia, who had one left. The project manager gave him the address of the temple in Baton Rouge, and the dealer remarked, “My church is getting ready to dedicate a building in Baton Rouge.” The project manager quickly asked, “What church would that be?” When the dealer responded, “The LDS Church,” the project manager was happy to tell him that they were both referring to the very same building, adding that the medallion would be placed in the celestial room. The project manager than asked what the price of the medallion would be, and the dealer , the Latter-day Saint who happened to have the only remaining one available, said he was grateful to have the opportunity to donate the medallion to the temple.

Chad S. Hawkins, The First One Hundred Temples (Salt Lake City: Eagle Gate, 2001), pg. 252.

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