Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A July 4th Fire

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   The current condition of the forests in the western states is tinder dry. News stories are aired to us of fires raging out of control in Colorado and Utah. The smell of smoke is strong in my neck of the woods with the sun casting an orangish hue in the early evening hours with cooled ash floating out of the heavens. This resurfaces old memories as my early career with the forest service found me on a number of wildfires. As I was washing dishes one evening, my wife quipped to me that they need experienced fire fighters. I laughed and told her that’s a young man’s sport.

   Due to the current fire situation, firework bands and restrictions are fast set in place. On July 4th, 1887 there wasn’t a restriction. Which Salt Lake Building caught fire on this day?

A)     The Lion House

B)     The Tabernacle

C)     The Hotel Utah

D)     The State Building

Yesterday’s answer:

C)   The highest scoring tie

BYU and San Diego State hold the record of the highest-scoring tie in NCAA history. On Nov. 16, 1991, the Cougars and Aztecs battled to a 52-52 tie. This record is expected to stand forever because years later, the NCAA implemented overtime rules that prevent ties.

Jeff Call, Roaring Back To Glory (Spring Creek Book Company: Provo, Utah, 2008), 188.

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