Monday, July 2, 2012

The Queen of England Said It

   It was thought that the Utah War would cause the Saints to abandon their desert home in Utah. Truth be known, Brigham Young was flirting with the possibility of moving the Church to Mexico. To be honest, this was what President Buchannan desired. He felt if, as a result of pressure from Federal troops, that Brigham would pick up and move south into Mexico, and once this happened, then James Buchannan could fulfill his “Manifest Destiny” by annexing Mexico into the United States. But Mexico wasn’t the only destination at the back of Brigham’s mind. What was one other location luring the Saints?

A)     Great Britain

B)     Texas

C)     Canada’s Vancouver Island

D)     What is currently known as Canada’s Province of Alberta

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)                 Be married

The following from the journal of Jesse N. Smith (cousin to the Prophet Joseph Smith), dated October 21, 1862 while serving a mission to Scandanavia:

. . . Took a walk on the beach. Attended Elder’s Council. The clergy of Norway having ruled our Church outside the pale of Christianity, it was held that members of our Church could not be legally married, the clergy solemnizing all the marriages.

Oliver R. Smith, ed., The Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith-1834-1906 (Provo: Jesse N. Smith Family Assn., 1970), 98.

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