Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Record Cemented For Eternity

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It has often been quipped that “records are made to be broken.” True to a point, nevertheless the BYU football team and San Diego State set a record never to be broken. What was it?

A)     The longest football game in history

B)     The most points scored in a football game

      C)     The highest scoring tie in a football game

D)     The shortest game in football history

Yesterday’s answer:

C)   Canada’s Vancouver Island

When the colonial secretary of Britain, Lord Clarendon caught wind that Brigham Young might move the Saints to Vancouver Island, he spoke to the U.S. minister to Britain, George Mifflin Dallas, at a royal function and “entered upon the topic of the intention of the Mormons to migrate into the territory held by license by the Hudson Bay Company. He said if they once get there it would be difficult to get rid of them, notwithstanding the expressed repugnance of the Queen to have such ‘horrid creatures’ among her subjects.”

Susan Dallas, ed., Diary of George Mifflin Dallas: While United States Minister to Russia 1837-1839, and to England 1857 to 1861 (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1892), 241, February 18, 1858.

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