Saturday, July 28, 2012

Smooth Street, Rough Nickname

East Temple Street, Salt Lake City

The Saints were never really alone in Salt Lake City, at least not for very long. Almost from the Saints arrival in the valley there has been some type of outside influence, whether that be in the form of gold seekers or soldiers. After the Utah War, and the establishment of a military post a stone’s throw to the east from Salt Lake City, an outside influence has always been felt. For instance, what was East Temple Street dubbed by these outsiders?

A)     Whiskey Street

B)     Mormon Street

C)     Brigham Street

D)     Soldier Street

Yesterday’s answer:

B)   God has a greater work than to peddle pills

Although Richards had earlier found fulfillment in medicine, his brief career clearly failed to fill a need created by the absence of official religious affiliation. As an account of his Mormon conversion published in his lifetime noted, if Mormonism were true, then “God had some greater work for him to do, than peddle pills.”

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