Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Tidbits-Jennetta Richards

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The Nauvoo City Cemetery where Jennetta Richards is buried

1.      After Heber C. Kimball baptized Jennetta Richards in England, he wrote Willard Richards a letter stating that he had baptized whom?

A)     His best friend

B)     Willard’s wife

C)     Willard’s heavenly sister

D)     An English girl with Willard’s last name

2.      Who did Jennetta Richards (Richards is her maiden name) marry?

A)     John Taylor

B)     Samuel Smith

C)     Willard Richards

D)     Porter Rockwell

3.      What happened at Jennetta’s funeral (Nauvoo, 1845) that had never occurred at a LDS funeral before?

A)     She was the first person buried in her temple clothing

B)     Her grave site was dedicated

C)     The family had a reunion after the funeral

D)     Her ashes were scattered at various locations around Nauvoo

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   A bottle of wine

The following from the journal of Jesse N. Smith dated June 6, 1862?

Mrs. Karen Thomsen presented me a bottle of wine, and requested me to baptize her, which I did at 10 p.m. She and her husband had formerly belonged to the Church, but had been cut off for not paying their tithing.

Oliver R. Smith, ed., The Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith-1834-1906 (Provo: Jesse N. Smith Family Assn., 1970), 76.

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