Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Gift

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What did Sister Thomsen give as a gift to Jesse N. Smith, a cousin to the Prophet Joseph Smith, prior to her baptism while he was serving a mission to Scandanavia in 1862?

A)                 A CTR ring

B)                 A bottle of wine

C)                 A Danish flag

D)                 Wooden shoes

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Six times

November 8, 1841- Joseph Smith dedicated the temporary baptismal font located in the basement of the Nauvoo Temple.

October 5, 1845- Brigham Young dedicated the exterior of the temple and the work that had been completed to that point.

November 30, 1845- Brigham Young dedicated the newly finished attic.

January 7, 1846- Brigham Young dedicated an alter in the attic for the purpose of sealings and eternal marriages. He also dedicates all the work completed on the temple up to that point in time.

April 30, 1846- Joseph Young dedicates the finished Nauvoo Temple in a private ceremony.

May 1, 1846- Orson Hyde offered the public dedicatory prayer over the Nauvoo Temple.

Don F. Colvin, Nauvoo Temple: A Story of Faith (American Fork, Utah; Covenant Communications, 2002), 245-251.

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