Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two Temples Dedicated the Same Day!

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How many times in the history of the LDS Church has a general authority, other than a member of the First Presidency, dedicated a temple?

A)     Never

B)     Four times

C)     Twice

D)     Five times

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) All of the land west of the Rocky Mountains

The following is from the journal of Jesse N. Smith (cousin to the Prophet Joseph Smith), dated March 31, 1883:

Bro. Young spoke of the rapid growth of the Saints. Observed from the statistical report that over one-third of our numbers were under eight years of age. Did not know that we all would gain an exaltation, but all could strive for it. More people had left the Church than were now in it. Thomas L. Kane said the government should let the Saints have the country west of the Rocky Mountains as they deserve it.

Oliver R. Smith, ed., The Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith-1834-1906 (Provo: Jesse N. Smith Family Assn., 1970), 270.

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