Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where are the Puritans?

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Many in the Church can trace their ancestors back to Puritan stock. No one hears of the Puritans anymore. Do they even exist? Surprisingly, they do. What are they known by today?

A)     Latter-day Saints

B)     Congregationalist

C)     Methodist

D)     Presbyterian

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Slithering on the floor like serpents

Joseph Smith found it necessary to temper some of the religious excitement which converts would cling to from their previous religion or introduce themselves. For instance, John Whitmer records the following:

   Some had visions and could not tell what they saw. Some would fancy to themselves that they had the sword of Laban, and would wield it as expert as a light dragoon; some would act like an Indian in the act of scalping; some would slide or scoot on the floor with the rapidity of a serpent, which they termed sailing in the boat to the Lamanites, preaching the gospel. And many other vain and foolish maneuvers that are unseemly and unprofitable to mention. 

F. Mark McKiernan and Roger D.. Launius, eds., An Early Latter-day Saint History: The Book of John Whitmer, Kept by Commandment [Independence, Missouri: Herald House, 1980), 62.

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