Friday, July 27, 2012

Willard Said It

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Willard Richards
All know that Willard Richards official title was Dr. Willard Richards, yet he didn’t practice medicine, at least not once he joined the Church. Could it be a situation similar to Nauvoo resident and Church member King Follet, who wasn’t a king at all, but rather his real given name. Or how about Doctor Philatus Hurlbut, early member during the Kirtland years, turned apostate. Again, Doctor was his given name. Well Dr. Willard Richards was a trained Doctor, but what is it he said at the time of his conversion that caused him to leave the profession?

A)     Malpractice insurance is far cheaper as a missionary

B)     God has a more important work for me than to peddle pills

C)     I’m now a Doctor of religion

D)     I’ll now heal spiritually

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   Congregationalist

Bill Harris, A New Zion (San Diego: Thunder Bay Press, 2004), 8.

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