Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Cardston Miracle

Cardston, Alberta:

Cardston, Alberta Temple

Let’s face it; I’m partial to the Cardston, Alberta temple. I was raised in Calgary, and so the first baptism for the dead that I acted as proxy for, my personal endowment, and my sealing to my wife for time and eternity all took place within the walls of this temple. Like all temples, there are many stories of miracles. I don’t have a question today, just a great story from one of many spiritual experiences that come to us from the Cardston, Alberta temple.

Many great and spiritual experiences have taken place in the [Cardston], Alberta Temple. Among them was one that resulted from the fervent prayers of the parents of a young elder who drowned while on his way to a mission in South America. His grieving father and mother could not be comforted.

   One evening while the father was in the [Cardston,] Alberta Temple, he heard his son’s voice, although he did not see him. The young elder told his father that the grieving of his parents was making it impossible for him to fill the heavenly mission to which he had been called. The boy promised that as a witness to the importance of the work he had been called to do, the father would be asked to speak at a special meeting that day in the temple.

 Unexpectedly that afternoon the temple president stopped the work of those in the temple and announced that there would be a testimony meeting. He asked several people to participate, and the father anxiously awaited his time.

When another man was announced as the concluding speaker, the sorrowing father left the meeting fearful that the visit with his son had been only his imagination.

Before the man left the building, however, the temple president arose and announced that he had heard a voice directing him to ask this man to speak to the group. Those in the room reported that the father had left. “Then go and find him,” the president urged.

When the father returned to the meeting, he told the group of his unusual experience, while tears of comfort and joy glistened in his peace-filled eyes.

Lucile C. Reading, Shining Moments Vol. 2 (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1986), 123-124.

Yesterday’s answer:

B)   We will be your guard

Lucy Mack Smith recorded this story which took place in Far West, Missouri: I was standing at the door of the room where [Joseph] was sitting, and . . . I saw a large company of armed men advancing toward the city. . . . The officers dismounted and eight of them came up to the house. Thinking that they wanted refreshment or something of that sort, I set chairs. But instead, they entered and placed themselves in a menacing line like a rank of soldiers across the room. . . . “We do not choose to sit. We have come here to kill Joe Smith and all the Mormons. . . .” “Then you are going to kill me with the rest, I suppose,” said I. “Yes, we will.” . . .  Having finished his letter, [Joseph] asked me for a wafer to seal it. Lucy Continued: “Gentlemen, suffer me to make you acquainted with Joseph Smith the Prophet.” He looked upon them with a very pleasant smile and, stepping up to them gave each of them his hand in a manner which convinced them that he was neither a guilty criminal nor yet a cowering hypocrite. . . . Joseph sat down and entered into conversation with them and explained the views and feelings of the people called “Mormons,” what their course had been, and the treatment which they had received from their enemies since the first. . . . After this he rose and said, “Mother, I believe I will go home. Emma will be expecting me.” At this two of the young men sprang to their feet saying, “You shall not go alone, for it is not safe. We will go with you and guard you”

Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, pg. 47-48.

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