Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sacramental Meal

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Who did Joseph Smith claim broke the bread portion of the Sacrament in fist sized pieces?

A)                 The Nephites

B)                 Jesus and His Apostles

C)                 Melchezidek and Abraham

D)                 Enoch and his people

Yesterday’s answer:

(B) A Methodist University

L. John Nuttall, secretary to President John Taylor, makes the following interesting observation in his journal:

Bro. James A. Bean & John W. Turner from Provo called, & Bro. Bean told me about the proposed sale of the Court House Block also of the proposed building of a Methodist University at Provo & some of our half-hearted Saints subscribing for it.

L. John Nuttall Diary Excerpts, (Salt Lake City; Pioneer Press, 1994), 168.

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