Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Adoptive Sealing

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Sealing Room in a LDS temple

In the early Church, if a husband and wife were sealed together and also had their children sealed to them, but the couples parents were not members, then who was the couple sealed to?

A)     The presiding prophet of the Church

B)     Any general authority, dead or alive

C)     To their parents anyways, hoping eventually they would join the Church

D)     To Adam and Eve

Yesterday’s answer:

(B)   They were both born in Sharon, Vermont

Interestingly, Stephen Miles was born at Royalton, Sharon Township, Windsor County, Vermont; Sharon Township was also the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Born October 19, 1789, Miles was sixteen years older than the Prophet, and as an eighteen-year-old apprentice to Windsor printer Nahum Mower, Miles emigrated with him in 1807 to Montreal. By 1810, Miles was in Kingston, involved in the printing of the Kingston Gazette. In March 1811, Miles withdrew from Kingston to seek employment as a journeyman printer, first in Plattsburgh, New York, and then in Montreal, but by September of that same year he was back in Kingston, this time for good. Miles was “a member of the Methodist group in Kingston” and “a class leader and occasional local preacher.” He established “the first religious weekly in Upper Canada, the Kingston Gazette and Religious Advocate, which ran from 20 June 1828 to 26 March 1830.”

Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. IX (1861-1870) (Toronto: University of Toronto/Universite Laval, 1976), s.v. “Miles, Stephen.”

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