Thursday, August 23, 2012

He Couldn’t Deny It

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What experience did early member of the Church, Harrison Burgess claim to have?

A)                 An out of body experience

B)                 A visitation from the Angel Moroni

C)                 A vision similar to Joseph Smith’s first vision

D)                 Seeing the Three Nephites

Yesterday’s answer:

(B) Items left behind by those going to the California gold fields would be of more worth than gold.

 Brigham Young, in his wisdom, was convinced that the real “gold rush” was not in California, but rather by staying put in the Salt Lake Valley. This proved true when many of the individuals seeking a fortune in the gold fields were forced to dispose of their goods in Salt Lake City at discounted prices, or entirely abandon valuable tools, utensils, and equipment on the prairies to lighten their loads, thus reducing the travel time to California. John D. Lee spent several days looking for a suitable stove for his family. He finally “found one to his liking, a large Premium Range No. 3 which would have cost more than fifty dollars to purchase. On the way back he started loading up with powder and lead, cooking utensils, tobacco, nails, tools, bacon, coffee, sugar, trunks of clothing, axes, and harness.”

Juanita Brooks, John Doyle Lee: Zealot-Pioneer Builder-Scapegoat, new ed. (Glendale, Ca: Arthur H. Clark Co., 1972), 48-49.

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