Friday, August 24, 2012

The Chicago World’s Fair Offering

Elder George Albert Smith visited the Chicago’s World Fair. While there he met with Mr. Dawes, the president of the fair. What was Elder Smith given by this man?

A)                 $40,000 worth of pioneer genealogy

B)                 A discount ticket to the fair

C)                 A promise of a better location for the Mormon pavilion at the next World’s Fair

D)                 An invitation for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to sing at the fair.

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)  A vision similar to Joseph Smith’s first vision

The following is related by Harrison Burgess

     On the third Sabbath in May while speaking to a congregation I declared that I knew that the Book of Mormon and the work of God were true. The next day while laboring in the field something seemed to whisper to me, “Do you know the book [Book] of Mormon is true?” My mind became perplexed and darkened, and I was so tormented in spirit that I left my work and retired into the woods. The misery and distress that I there experienced cannot be described. The tempter all the while seemed to say, “Do you know that the Book of Mormon is true?”

     I remained in this situation about two hours. Finally I resolved to know, by exercising faith similar to that which the Brother of Jared possessed, whether I had proclaimed the truth or not, and commenced praying to the God of Heaven for a testimony of these things. Suddenly a glorious personage clothed in white stood before me and exhibited to my view the plates from which the Book of Mormon was taken.

Harrison Burgess, “Labor in the Vineyard,” Twelfth Book of the Faith Promoting Series, p. 65-6.

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