Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Provo Temple Land Acquisition Miracle

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Provo Temple

The Church requires temples to carry out the Lord’s mandate for the work for the dead. This work has eternal implications and as a result is taken extremely seriously. Miracles abound and stories surround all temples detailing the special experiences that are unique to each edifice. The Provo temple is no exception.

How was the land obtained to build the Provo temple at the mouth of Rock Canyon?

A)     Fasting and prayer by members in the Utah Valley area to touch the heart of the non-LDS owner to sell his land to the Church

B)     A dream received by the non-LDS member to sell his land to the Church

C)     When no other land was available, the Federal Government was impressed to sell land to the Church

D)     While driving by the mouth of Rock Canyon, a member on the Provo temple land acquisitions committee saw an Angel Moroni statue hovering over the land that the temple is currently situated on

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)     The first college football game televised by ESPN

BYU beat Pitt on Sept. 1, 1984 in the first live ESPN College Football broadcast. The Cougars won 20-14, to kick off their national championship season.

Jeff Call, Roaring Back To Glory (Spring Creek Book Company: Provo, Utah, 2008), 191.

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