Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They Did It Differently Then

Kirtland Temple
What was practiced at the end of Sacrament meeting during the Kirtland years of the Church that we don’t do anymore?

A)                 The Sacrament blessed and passed at the conclusion of the meeting

B)                 A Fireside immediately following Sacrament meeting

C)                 All in the congregation participating in vocal prayers, on their knee’s, prior to the conclusion of Sacrament meeting

D)                 Sacrament meetings were for the blessing and the passing of the sacrament only

Yesterday’s answer:

(B)   Jesus and His Apostles

The following from Zebedee Coltrin:

   The salutation as written in the Doctrine and Covenants [D&C 88:136-141] was carried out at that time, and at every meeting, and the washing of feet was attended to, the sacrament was also administered at times when Joseph appointed, after the ancient order; that is, warm bread to break easy was provided and broken into pieces as large as my fist and each person had a glass of wine and sat and ate the bread and drank the wine; and Joseph said that was the way that Jesus and his disciples partook of the bread and wine. And this was the order of the church anciently and until the church went into darkness. Every time we were called together to attend to any business, we came together in the morning about sunrise, fasting and partook of the sacrament each time, and before going to school we washed ourselves and put on clean linen.

Minutes, Salt Lake City School of the Prophets, October 3, 1883.

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