Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Mormon Myth

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Joseph Smith
Shortly after I began this blog, I shared the story of Artemus Millet (This blog story is on April 24th for those that want to go to the blog archive and read it). I titled this story “Mormon Myths” Trust me, there’s a few of these myth’s circulating throughout the Church. The story of Artemus isn’t so well known; however, more popular is one of Joseph Smith’s supposed prophecies.

Which one of the following prophecies, attributed to Joseph Smith, is not true?

A)     The Yellow Dog prophecy

B)     The White Horse prophecy

C)     The Civil War prophecy

D)     The Rocky Mountain prophecy

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Held a dance

While just a small child the prophet took me on his lap every time I went to his home and had me sing for him. He thought it was so nice because I could sing alto while so young. I sang alto with my mother before we left Nauvoo, we were sure the Temple would be destroyed after we were gone, so the night before we had a dance at the Temple. I, with Orson Whitney as my partner, led the dance.

Used with permission from Jim Childs family history

Note: I mistakenly attributed this story to Eunice Billings; rather it’s her daughter, Diantha Morley Billings

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