Saturday, September 8, 2012

He Never Experienced “Writers Block”

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I imagine all authors at one time or another experience what’s often referred to as writers block. I really don’t consider myself an author (I’m really more of a compiler and an editors nightmare), regardless, I do have to have some of my writing in a book, and trust me I suffer from writers block from time to time. I found the best way to remedy this is just to start writing no matter how stupid it sounds. I found that this gets the ideas flowing. I do know that from the amount of pages written to the world, that at least one prophet did not suffer writers block. Who is the prophet?

A)     Isaiah

B)     Alma

C)     Brigham Young

D)     Joseph Smith

Yesterday’s answer:

A)     The Mormon Tabernacle Choir gave a benefit concert

In the winter of 1838-39 the Latter-day Saints were driven out of Missouri and fled to Illinois and Iowa. Most Latter-day Saints stayed in Quincy, where thousands of them were welcomed with open arms and given aid, even though they outnumbered the citizens of that community. (It is interesting to note that six years later, when the Latter-day Saints were driven out of Nauvoo, the people of Quincy again helped the exiled Saints. They sent boats with supplies up the Mississippi River to Montrose, Iowa, across from Nauvoo, to aid the Saints fleeing to the West.

When the rebuilt Nauvoo temple was dedicated in Nauvoo, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed at the dedication and also put on a benefit concert in Quincy in appreciation for the kindness shown by those citizens when Latter-day Saints had to evacuate Missouri and Illinois. They also became mediators when conflicts arose between Nauvoo and non-LDS communities. It is interesting to note that Quincy citizens hid and gave refuge to runaway slaves during the Civil War.

Gilbert W. Scharffs, Mormons and Masons (Orem, Utah: Millennial Press, 2006), 7.

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