Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- They Said It

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1.       On March 25, 1889, pioneer Nancy Abigail Clement said she visited the brethren serving jail time for polygamy. How did she refer to the prison?

A)     Uncle Sam’s boarding house

B)      The pen

C)      The Rock

D)     Spirit Prison

2.       Charles Dickens wrote what about a shipload of Saints in 1861?

A)     Glad they were leaving England

B)      Hoped they sunk at sea

C)      Some remarkable influence had produced a remarkable result

D)     England would be the worse for losing the Saints

3.       Joseph Smith said what about William McLellin?

A)     He had more learning than sense

B)      The best in the Quorum of the Twelve

C)      A fly by night apostle

D)     Better at most things then him

4.       Referring to the hunger that the handcart pioneers endured, pioneer John Jacques said what?

A)     That he could eat the north end of a south bound horse

B)      That he could eat all the livestock in the tithing yards at Salt Lake City

C)      That he could eat the south end of a north bound horse

D)     That he could eat a rusty nail and file

5.       Brigham Young said he had to find 500 men for the Mormon Battalion even if he had to do what?

A)     Find 500 mobbers

B)      Fill it up with the general authorities and women

C)      Call 500 missionaries home from their missions

D)     Fill it up with U.S. President Polk’s thugs

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   John Taylor’s pocket knife

As told by L. John Nuttal:

   “After meeting I walked out with Geo. A. Shumway and my son Wilford to see my land on the Camp Wells bench. On the way met Bro. Erastus Snow, who informed me that some 10 days [ago] while in Provo Canyon, near where the Old Toll Gate stood, with his little son, the boy found a pocket knife with the name of Prest. John Taylor engraved on the handle. He had cleaned it up and was desirous of finding the proper person to hand it to, and on seeing me he had concluded I was that person, and if I would accompany him to his residence he would hand me the knife. I remembered that in the fall of 1884 I, in company with Prest. Taylor, passed through Provo Canyon and he must have lost it at that time. The knife is in good repair. I went with Bro. Snow and he handed me the knife which I shall prize very highly. He would not take any remuneration for it.”

L. John Nuttall Diary Excerpts

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