Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Protecting Hand of the Lord

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While serving his mission, my son had someone fire a gun at him three times when just five yards away; my son-in-law was also shot at on his mission and yet neither one was harmed. The Lord has a way of looking out for his missionaries. From the journal of Jesse N. Smith, cousin to the Prophet Joseph Smith, we learn of another miracle in which the Lord intervened to protect his missionaries.

What stopped a mob from attacking Jesse N. Smith and Brother Christensen while serving in Scandinavia during the 1860’s?

A)                 Jesse N. Smith appeared larger than normal

B)                 The mob could see one of the Three Nephites protecting them

C)                 The preaching of the two elders converted all in the mob

D)                 The mob saw Porter Rockwell in vision coming to the protection of the elders

Yesterday’s answer:

(B&C)  It was the largest world premier of a movie in Salt Lake City and the star actor, Dean Jagger, with time joined the Church.

In August of 1940, the largest world premiere of any Hollywood movie to date is held in Salt Lake City with the release of Darryl F. Zanusk’s production of Brigham Young, one of the first motion pictures to portray the Church in a positive way. It stars Dean Jagger, who later joins the Church.

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel et al., On This Day In The Church (Salt Lake City: Eagle Gate, 2000), 164.

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