Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thirteen in the Quorum of the Twelve

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First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve during President Snow's presidency

I’m one that’s fast getting fed up with all this conference jumping in NCAA Division 1 football. I chuckled to myself as I was scanning over the standings in the various conferences and realized that the Big Twelve conference now has ten teams and that the Big Ten conference has twelve teams (Why don’t they just trade conference names to ease the confusion and help us believe that they really can count?). Nevertheless, that’s the beauty of the Church. Because we believe in modern revelation, the Church evolves, and things do make sense, even when there are thirteen members in the Quorum of the Twelve.

Who was the Prophet of the Church when the Quorum of the Twelve had thirteen members (this does not include counselors to the prophet)?

A)     President Hinckley

B)     President Joseph Smith

C)     President Wilford Woodruff

D)     President George Albert Smith

Yesterday’s answer:

D     The Psalms

Like Joseph Smith, Lincoln had little formal education. The KJB provided a major component of the curriculum for his meager schooling as a boy. Lincoln himself said that “all our reading [at school] was done from the Bible.” Yet, though he had little to read but the Bible, he read it exceedingly well. Lincoln committed to memory many parts of the Bible, which he would often use to clinch points in speeches and debates. Lincoln continued to read the Bible throughout his life, often daily, especially the Psalms, which he told a nurse at the White House “are the best, for I find in them something for ever day in the week.” A friend remembered that Lincoln “read few books but mastered all he read, of which the Bible was chief, which gave the basis to his character, and which partly molded his style.”

Tanner, John S. The King James Bible in America; Pilgrim, Prophet, President, Preacher, BYU Studies, 2011 Vol. 50, No. 3, pg. 15.

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