Thursday, September 13, 2012

To the Astonishment of the Disbelievers

 Image result for lds Isaac Morley farm
Isaac Morley Farm

What miracle was performed on the Isaac Morley farm during the Kirtland years of the Church?

A)     Joseph Smith raising a girl from the clutches of death

B)     The giving of money by John Tanner to pay the mortgage on the Kirtland Temple

C)     The raising of a barn in half-a-day

D)     The prophecy of the Saints moving to Nauvoo, Illinois

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) Poison

After associating with Mormon brethren in the mining camps and elsewhere for much of a year, Elder [Amasa] Lyman wrote Brigham Young that “to strike hands with a man having the Spirit of God is a rare treat in California,” meaning that there were but few, in his judgment, who had maintained their full commitment to the faith after coming into contact with what he termed “the poison of gold.”

Edward Leo Lyman, “The Rise and Decline of Mormon San Bernardino.” BYU Studies, Fall 1989, 43.

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