Friday, September 7, 2012

We Returned the Favor

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At the time when the Saints were expelled from the State of Missouri in 1839, the people of Quincy, Illinois sympathetically took them in. When the Saints were forced from Nauvoo, again the folks of Quincy sent boat loads of supplies up the river to help the Saints on their journey to the west. The Church never forgot this kindness. What did the Church do to repay Quincy, Illinois for their sympathetic care?

A)     The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed a benefit concert in Quincy

B)     Joseph Smith sent the Nauvoo Legion to Quincy to give them a 100 gun salute

C)     Brigham Young sent 50 wagons of wheat to Quincy to repay them for their kindness

D)     Joseph Smith offered free passage for anyone from Quincy wishing to ride the Church’s paddle wheeler

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)  In a coffin

Less than two years after the dedication of this first temple, it was abandoned at the end of 1837 because of persecution and dissension within the Church. Faithful Latter-day Saints fled to Missouri. Joseph Smith escaped from death threats when his friends hid him in a coffin and he was taken away from Kirtland on a wagon on January 12, 1838.

Gilbert W. Scharffs, Mormons and Masons (Orem, Utah: Millennial Press, 2006), 6.

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