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World War II Missionary Evacuation

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At a time when the missionaries had to be evacuated from Germany during the onset of World War II, what did the missionary assigned do to find 31 missing elders caught behind the German border?

A)     Set up a street board in the railroad station

B)      Yell out their names at the top of his lungs while in a very crowed railroad station

C)      Whistle a Church hymn

D)     Prayed for divine intervention

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   Joseph Smith raising a girl from the clutches of death.

The following from Parley P. Pratt:

About this time a young lady, by the name of Chloe Smith, being a member of the Church, was lying very low with a lingering fever, with a family who occupied one of the houses on the farm of Isaac Morley, in Kirtland. Many of the Church had visited and prayed with her, but all to no effect; she seemed at the point of death, but would not consent to have a physician. This greatly enraged her relatives, who had cast her out because she belonged to the Church, and who, together with many of the people of the neighborhood, were greatly stirred up to anger, saying “these wicked deceivers will let her lie and die without a physician, because of their superstitions; and if they do, we will prosecute them for so doing.” Now these were daily watching for her last breath, with many threats.

   Under these circumstances, President Smith and myself, with several other Elders called to see her. She was so low that no one had been allowed for some days previous to speak above a whisper, and even the door of the log dwelling was muffled with cloths to prevent a noise.

   We kneeled down and prayed vocally all around, each in turn; after which President Smith arose, went to the bedside, took her by the hand, and said unto her with a loud voice, “in the name of Jesus Christ arise and walk!” She immediately arose, was dressed by a woman in attendance, when she walked to a chair before the fire, and was seated and joined in singing a hymn. The house was thronged with people in a few moments, and the young lady arose and shook hands with each as they came in; and from that minute she was perfectly restored to health.

Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt, pg. 79-80.

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