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Halloween and Home Teaching

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 In the April 1996 Ensign, Elder F. Burton Howard shares a message on commitment. As part of the message he tells of an experience he had when he was asked at a Stake Conference, “Brother Howard, do you know why the Church can’t get more than 83% home teaching?”

Be sure to visit the blog tomorrow for the answer. It’s good, although I suspect you already know.

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   Latter-day Saint War

Here are a few facts and the end result of what has been termed the Utah War, Mormon War, Buchanan’s Blunder, Utah Expedition, Mormon Rebellion, or whatever you feel so inclined to call it:

1)      For years Camp Floyd, Utah, near Salt Lake City, was the nation’s largest army garrison;

2)      The confrontation was so costly that it virtually bankrupted the U.S. Treasury and devastated Utah’s economy;

3)      The conflict’s financing forced the resignation of the secretary of war, John B. Floyd;

4)      The citizens’ move south—an effort to flee the approaching army—put thirty thousand Mormon refugees on the road from northern Utah to Provo and perhaps beyond;

5)      Brigham Young and scores of others were indicted by a federal grand jury for treason;

6)      The Mountain Meadows massacre alone, the conflict’s greatest atrocity, was one of the worst incidents of organized mass murder against unarmed civilians in the nation’s history.

William P. MacKinnon, “Full of Courage.” BYU Studies, Volume 48, Number 4, 2009, pg. 93-94.

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