Saturday, October 27, 2012

He Restored Sight to the Blind

Which missionary, of those listed below, restored sight to the blind while serving a mission to Canada?

A)     Brigham Young

B)     Lorenzo Young

C)     Parley Pratt

D)     Jonathan Crosby

Yesterday’s answer

A&D  Dance and wear jewelry

One morning while living with grandmother, we saw a man and woman coming up the sidewalk and they were taking a few steps then stopping and looking as they came. Grandmother remarked, “What a gawky couple.” They came to the door and knocked and grandmother opened the door. The lady asked if that was where Polly Childs lived, and grandmother exclaimed, “Well Eunice!!” They then embraced and soon were inside. The couple was Mr. and Mrs. Smith from New York, Grandfather’s niece, who had come to Utah to see them and find out what Mormon people really were. Grandfather, however, had just previously died. The Smiths were very much interested in the Childs family. One morning I was making biscuits for breakfast; Mrs. Smith discovered a ring on my finger and saw rings in my ears. She asked me if I was a Mormon, and when I said that I was, she said she had always understood Mormons do not wear jewelry. She was just as horrified when she found out that we also danced. They were so interested with the mountains here that Hubbard Noakes hitched up his team to the white topped buggy and drove up to the mountains so that they could see them up close. When they got close, Mrs. Smith became very scared and thought the mountain would fall on them. They came here for curiosity, but left very friendly and wrote and sent a picture of their home in New York.

Used with permission from Jim Childs family history

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