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John Fairbanks—Three Different Missions

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John Fairbanks

Today there is a myriad of different missions one can serve in the Church. Just recently my wife informed our Bishop that we are ready to be Church Service missionaries. We would very much like to assist at Conference Center functions and to give tours of the building. I’m far from retired, but our kids are married and grown, with our youngest on a mission in Uruguay. At the time I retire we will submit for a full-time mission. During the pioneer years of the Church one would suspect only proselyting missions. However, with John Fairbanks, one of the artists of the Salt Lake Temple, he was called to serve three missions, all different types. Which one mission listed below did he not serve?

A)     An art mission to Paris, France

B)     A proselyting mission to the Southern States

C)     A Church service mission to temple square

D)     An archeological mission to South America

Yesterday’s answer:

(D)   Hawaiian

Iosepa, Utah was formed in Tooele County as a gathering place for faithful Hawaiian Saints in 1889. Ioseph means Joseph in honor of Joseph Smith and Joseph F. Smith who served a successful mission to the Hawaiian Islands. At its height it had no more than 275 individuals only lasting 28 years. It was the announcement of the Hawaiian Temple that caused many of these souls to move back to Hawaii.

Leonard J. Arrington, “The L. D. S. Hawaiian Colony at Skull Valley.” Improvement Era 57 (May 1954), 314-15, 366-67.

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