Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Tidbits- Henry Bigler

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Henry Bigler on the left

1.      What hang up did Henry Bigler have from first joining the Church?

A)     Joseph Smith

B)     Polygamy

C)     Possible mission service

D)     Tithing

2.      Henry Bigler was the first man to do what?

A)     He was the first man to write of the gold discovery in California

B)     He was the first man to serve as proxy for baptisms for the dead

C)     He was the first man to sign up for the Mormon Battalion

D)     He was the first man to enter the Salt Lake Valley

3.      How did Henry Bigler receive his mission call to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii)?

A)     Through a letter signed by Brigham Young

B)     While sitting in the Tabernacle and having his named called over the pulpit

C)     Brigham Young rode to his house in Farmington, Utah to give him the news

D)     Henry met Brigham on a street when Brigham Young extended the call

4.      How did Henry Bigler receive money later in his life?

A)     Working in the Salt Lake City tithing yard

B)     Federal Social Security

C)     He joined the Nauvoo Legion in Salt Lake City

D)     By serving a call as a St. George Temple worker

Yesterday’s answer:

D     practicing polygamy

The Luminary printed the following report from the New York City Nichol’s Journal.

“The House of Representatives spent two whole days not long since, in debating that most amusing of modern bugaboos, the Polygamy of Utah. . . .

   We cannot help thinking that a Mormon, who in good faith takes two or three wives, and maintains them, may be a better man than a good many other sort of Christians we know of, in Congress and out.

   Everybody thinks Abraham, and Jacob, and the Patriarchs were good men. Why not the Mormons, who believe as they did? Would Congress punish Abraham? . . .

   People are predicting that we shall have trouble about Utah. So we shall, and shall deserve to have it, if we meddle with what don’t concern us. What possible business is it to any citizen of New York, how many wives some man has in the City of the Salt Lake?”

Susan Easton Black, St. Louis Luminary: The Latter-day Saint Experience at the Mississippi River, 1854-1855, BYU Studies, 49:4, 165-166.

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