Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Church’s first Boy Scout Troop

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My wife gives me a hard time every now and then telling me that the young women do more and learn more at their camps then the young men do. She’s probably right, but I have to do the man thing and not go down without some type of fight. I loved Boy Scout camps; it was too much fun, even if some of it meant getting into more trouble than what it was worth. But that’s all part of being a young man, do first—think later. I remember the scout group from our ward, two years ahead of us, decided to do the long trek from Calgary, Alberta to Salt Lake City. One night, as their leaders were sleeping, the young men snuck out and went to a nearby motel to swim in the pool. The leaders were awakened by a very early morning call from the police asking the leaders where their boys were. They were then told by the police that they could pick up their boys at the police station as long as they promised that none of these young men will be caught trespassing into swimming pools where they don’t belong. Ah, live and learn.

What year was the very first Boy Scout troop organized in the Church?

A)     1897

B)     1923

C)     1911

D)     1902

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   The London Temple

Soon after the London Temple site was purchased, President David O. McKay walked the temple grounds and determined that the temple was to be constructed near a pond on the property. The site engineers wanted another location chosen since they felt the ground was too boggy to support the weight of the temple. President McKay insisted that this is where they were to build. Upon further investigation, workers discovered that beneath the boggy ground was solid shale at the proper depth to support the temple.

Chad S. Hawkins, The First One Hundred Temples (Salt Lake City: Eagle Gate, 2001), pg. 40.

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