Thursday, October 11, 2012

The First High Priest in This Dispensation

Adam and Eve

We know Adam was the first High Priest receiving his calling from God, but who holds the honor of being made the first High Priest in this Dispensation?

A)     Joseph Smith Sr.

B)     Joseph Smith Jr.

C)     Sidney Rigdon

D)     Lyman Wight

Yesterday’s answer

(B)   Putting together the first LDS historical pictorial book

Anderson traveled “without purse or script” on his four-year Birth of Mormonism interval from his Utah gallery. . . . It all began when the talented photographer, at age forty-six, was called on a mission to England in the spring of 1907. He saw the call as an answer to a prayer, a prayer that he might be able to use his camera to serve God and Zion. He asked for, and received, permission from the Church to make detours on his way east to photograph some of the historic sites important to the Mormon culture. He said, “I feel so impressed with the necessity of making the views,” he wrote. “I can see what a blessing they would be to our people in arousing an interest in this land, and the work that is before us as a people in building up the centre stake of Zion. . .”

     . . . And so it was with his photo-documentation of the historic Church sites. He was slow and particular, and it took so long that eventually the delay in going to England became an embarrassment to his family. Anderson was still in New York in June of 1908, ten months after he had departed Springville. A month later he finally boarded a steamer and went to England, but three years later his mission concluded, he didn’t bother to go home. He simply returned to New England and picked up where he had left off on his passion.

     In all, Anderson was absent from his Springville gallery for more than seven years, only three of which were spent in England on his mission.

Douglas F. Tobler and Nelson B. Wadsworth, The History Of The Mormons In Photographs And Text: 1830 To The Present (New York: St. Martins Press, 1987), 37, 39.

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