Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Moving of the Joseph Smith Memorial Shaft Stone

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Joseph Smith Memorial, Sharon, Vermont

How many days did it take to move the shaft stone of the Joseph Smith memorial 6 miles?

A)                 1 day

B)                 12 days

C)                 20 days

D)                 1 month

Yesterday’s answer

(B)   Brigham Young

One night, in the early days of Salt Lake City, non-member John Morgan experienced the following dream.  In his dream he saw Brigham Young standing at the fork of a road that he had recognized while fighting in the Civil War. Brigham Young was pointing out to him to take the left fork. The next day he was perplexed by the dream and so shared it with his wife. He asked her what he thought the dream meant. All she could really say was, “If you find yourself in the future at this fork in the road then follow the direction of Brigham Young and chose the left fork.”

   Years later, after John had joined the Church, he was called to serve a mission to the Southern States. One day as he was traveling, he came to the fork in a road and immediately remembered it as the one in his dream. He remembered Brigham’s and his wife’s counsel and took the left fork. The road led him into a valley.  As he began to teach the families of the valley they all shared a common story with him of how a stranger had visited them and marked certain scriptures in their Bibles telling them that a messenger would come shortly and explain the marked scriptures. As John explained these scriptures to the twenty-three families and taught the gospel, he was able to convert twenty of the twenty-three families. 

 Bryant S. Hinckley, The Faith of Our Pioneer Fathers [1956], pg. 242-244.

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