Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pioneer Women Named What?

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Men have been known to name things, random things, sometimes things that one wouldn’t normally name. For instance, one of the ways I made my way through university was working the fields and milking 300 head of cows belonging to a dairy man in Hyrum, Utah. One day while milking the cows, the dairy man that I worked for entered the milk barn. We were small talking when one thing led to another and he told me that a nearby dairy man named his milking herd after the sisters in his ward’s Relief Society. When the Relief Society president caught wind of this news, she promptly went out to his farm, encountered the dairy man, and cursed the cow that she had been named for. Coincidentally, the cow did die.

However, not just men have been known to do this. In fact, according to the journal of Polly Patten, pioneer women named what?

A)     Quilts

B)     Beds

C)     Pillows

D)     Bed warmers

Yesterday’s answer

(D)   Lyman Wight

Joseph Smith, apparently recognizing Wight’s (Lyman Wight) passion and promise, ordained him the first high priest of the Church in 1831.

Melvin C. Johnson, Polygamy on the Pedernales: Lyman Wight’s Mormon Villages in Antebellum Texas, 1845 to 1858 (Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press, 2006)

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