Saturday, October 13, 2012

Toronto, Parley, and the Prophet

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While on his mission to Toronto, which future Prophet of the Church did Parley P. Pratt convert?

A)     Brigham Young

B)     John Taylor

C)     Lorenzo Snow

D)     Wilford Woodruff

Yesterday’s answer

(A)     Quilts

The following from the journal of Polly Patten

Grandmother never took any part as a church worker, but taught her family honesty and truthfulness. She associated with her neighbors, the Whittings, Blanchards, and others.

One time when she and Mrs. Whitting were making quilts, she asked Mrs. Whitting what she was naming her quilt. Mrs. Whitting said, “Poverty’s Fancy.” Grandmother replied, “Well mine is ‘ain’t necessarily square.’”

Family history of Jim Childs

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