Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Alphabet

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When the Saints first gathered to the Salt Lake Valley, one of the hurdles Brigham Young was faced with was communication amongst all the different languages converging on the newly established city. It was at this time that President Young proposed an experiment of developing a new alphabet that all could learn, and therefore, all would be of one tongue. The experiment failed. Nevertheless, what was the new alphabet referred to?

A)     The Utah Alphabet

B)     The Deseret Alphabet

C)     The One Tongue Alphabet

D)     The Anti-Alphabet

Yesterday’s answer:

(C)     St. Louis, Missouri

Knowing when and where meetings and conferences were to be held was important to the Church organization in the greater St. Louis area. Knowing what languages would be spoken at these gatherings was just as important. The Luminary reported, “On Sunday last religious worship was conducted at our Church on Washington avenue in four different Languages, English, French, German and Danish,” and “three services were held at the same time in separate departments.”

Susan Easton Black, St. Louis Luminary: The Latter-day Saint Experience at the Mississippi River, 1854-1855, BYU Studies, 49:4, 169.

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