Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From Movies to Mitt

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The image of the LDS Church has come a long ways. It’s incredible to think that there was a time when the public paid to see an anti-Mormon movie, to today, when people will be voting for an LDS presidential candidate. Which year was the first anti-Mormon movie, Trapped By the Mormons, released?

A)                 1933

B)                 1940

C)                 1922

D)                 1953

Yesterday’s answer:

(C) At the temple dedication

Brigham Young said, “I might ask you if you are satisfied with what we have done today. I can say that I am not half satisfied and do not expect to be satisfied until I have whipped and driven the devils from off this earth,” striking the top of the stand with his walking stick, making an impression of 2 knots and the way the stick in the stand. “There,” he said, “I have marked the stand. Never mind, let those marks remain,” which marks he felt should remain as a testimony of the earnestness with which he made the remark.

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