Tuesday, November 27, 2012

“ I’ll Go if I’m Called”

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Ephraim Hanks

In 1856, Eph Hanks heard a voice instructing him to do what?

A)                 Aid Porter Rockwell and Lot Smith stall the United States army from entering the Salt Lake Valley.

B)                 Rescue the handcart companies stranded on the Wyoming prairie.

C)                 Serve a mission.

D)                 Escort Brigham Young to St. George.

Yesterday’s answer:

C)   Apostatized and sued the Prophet

The next spring most of the Elders were called to volunteer to go and redeem Jackson County. Albert Miner told Mr. Dennis Lake he would draw cuts, to see who would go and who would stay and take care of both families. It fell on Albert Miner to stay and take care of the families. Dennis Lake went with the company to redeem Jackson County and when he got back he apostatized and sued Joseph Smith for three months work, $60.00.

Autobiography of Tamma Durfee, Typescript, HBLL; htpp://www.boap.org/

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