Friday, November 30, 2012

It’s a Small World

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While riding a steamboat on the Missouri River,  coming home at the conclusion of his mission in 1864, who did Jesse N. Smith run into?

A)                 The First Presidency and their wives on their way to visit the Hill Cumorah Pagent

B)                 A non-member on his way to Utah to find Brigham Young in hopes of determining what he must do to be saved

C)                 General Custer on his way to Custer’s Last Stand

D)                 Members of the Salt Lake Stake on their way to reenact the 9th anniversary of the handcart experience

Yesterday’s answer:

B)   The cowboys

We were now in the middle Gila Valley thickly strewn with ranches, and soon came to a stone by the roadside, marking the boundary line between Arizona and New Mexico. The valley was wide, the stream less sluggish than farther down, the water bright and sparkling, the bottom beautifully timbered, the soil apparently very fertile and still there seemed a lack of thrift. This was explained when we learned the chills were prevailing. Met some 14 mule teams loaded with timber for mining and building purposes. Every traveler we saw carried a rifle to defend himself against Indians and cowboys, the latter rather the worst.

Oliver R. Smith, ed., The Journal of Jesse Nathaniel Smith-1834-1906 (Provo: Jesse N. Smith Family Assn., 1970), 265.

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