Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pratt’s Vision

While residing in Missouri, Parley P. Pratt was shown a vision of what?

A)     The Saints living in Nauvoo, Illinois

B)     The Saints moving to the Rocky Mountains

C)     The first battle of the Saints and the mob in Missouri

D)     His posterity down to the last generation

Yesterday’s answer:

(A)   Midwives

The following is in reference to Diantha Morley Billings:

While in Nauvoo, my mother was set apart by the Prophet Joseph Smith for the special calling in obstetrics. As a midwife she practiced for over fifty years, and never lost a case of the mother.

At the time the Prophet ordained mother as a midwife, he turned to me, laid his hands upon my head and said, “I ordain you to following your mother’s footsteps.” Which I did for many years bringing thousands of babies into the world.

Used with permission from the family history of Jim Childs

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